Treo 700w Goes on Sale Tomorrow

A reader is saying that he has seen proof that the Palm Treo 700w will be going on sale tomorrow, January 5th. Early rumors had it that Verizon would be showing the Treo 700w at CES and then presenting it for sale soon after, but our source swears he’s seen photos from Verizon employees with 1/5 clearly showing as the sale date.

The source also tells us that, “Looks like list will be $500, plus a $100 discount with an unlimited-data service plan.” That $500 is most likely for a two year contract but the $100 off for the unlimited-data is a nice discount. Heck, maybe good enough for me to pick one up and just get the Motorola Q when it comes out later this spring.

One more detail. Like all things Verizon, you will NOT be able to tether this to your PC and use it as a high-speed modem. It’s disabled, but I’m sure someone on Howard Forums will have that hack for us real soon. 🙂

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