DriveSync Will Sink Any Teens Alibi

Man, when I borrowed my moms 1986 Trans Am in high school, they were on me like a hawk with the do’s-and-don’ts. Once I was safely away from the house, white smoke could be seen for a great distance behind me coming from moms TA. Hey, I had a V8. 😉

Well Skippy, times have changed. We now have GPS, computers, and USB keys. Oh ya, we also now have DriveSync. DriveSync records everything Skippy will be doing to daddy’s 2006 Ford Mustang GT. Once installed into your vehicle, this thing tracks, “when, where, how far, how fast and how aggressively a vehicle is being driven.” Get that Skippy? “Aggressively a vehicle” was driven. Ouch. I would have been dust like that Camero was back in ’89 when I grinned at him at the red light on Santa Teresa and Cottle. Glad I lived an error of muscle cars and not high tech ones as a teen. Skippy, well, at least you’ve got your Xbox 360 I didn’t have.

DriveSync will be available in February and allow parents and commercial owners to plug the USB drive into any computer with a USB slot to check on their vehicles. Happy monitoring!