Pop Goes Your iPod Cables

The most frustrating aspect of the iPod is its cables or really the lack of cable management. There has been many things released to help frustrated iPod users but nothing perfect has seemed to come along.

Today at Macworld, I was able to visit Bluelounge Design’s booth. They premiered its POP at CES but here I had a less pressured filled opportunity to play with the product.

POP isn’t rocket science but more a common sense cable management. It simply allows you to coil the ear bud cable in a circle on a small piece of plastic. The common sense part comes from the clip. You can either attach it to the back of your iPod itself or to any other flat surface object. It even comes with a belt clip if you’d rather clip it there. As Bluelounge Design likes to say, you “pop, wrap, and clip” it on.

Cableyoyo, another newly released product, helps manage your Firewire or USB cord in a very thin and small square box holder. Like the POP, you wrap the cable in a circle and then secure the ends with the notches in the Cableyoyo. Simple.

Both products are a nice way to manage the tangled mess of your iPod cables and help put the music back in your life.