What's The Deal, Linspire?

Hey Linspire, are you reading this? You are about to lose a big fan if you do not make some very important things happen here very soon.

Up till now, I have been very happy with the Linspire 5.0 OS. Simple to keep up to date and really a pleasure to use. Unfortunately I have run into some issues as of late that I am seeing no indication of being resolved.

The biggest issue that has me really steamed is how easily I can hose the access to specific folders. Now I am not completely clear as to the how and why, I believe I have narrowed down the most likely cause of my access to my home folder disappearing before my very eyes:

It seems that if I attempt to access my home/computer folder, then open another instance of this again to drag a file from My Docs to My Pictures, the folder then becomes inaccessible after a reboot. Now, I have never seen this issue with other distributions, folks. Up till now, I have been pretty patient with it. Then I had the opportunity to upgrade to the latest build of the OS. Cool, I am sure that this issue must have been dealt with as it is so very critical. Was it? Nope.

No, it’s still here and as an added bonus, the OS no longer works on my notebook, either. Luckily I have been dual booting with Simply Mepis and Xandros anyway.

Still, I can’t help but feel really betrayed here. I have been a huge supporter of this OS and to think that something as obvious as this bug is still not being resolved is inexcusable.

Well, in interest of being fair, I left a detailed troubleshooting ticket with them. I expect this to be resolved immediately as it literally renders this OS too unstable for my day to day use. I mean come on Linspire, how can you be the only Linux distro to date (that I have tried) to allow a bug this severe to pass? I have not given up on you yet, but trust me when I say that if you don’t get this resolved that I will be exploring alternatives.

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