iPods And Air Flight

So here I am, 30,000 feet above the California Sierra and my iPod is pausing to take a look. I press play and off it goes into pause mode again within a few seconds. My iPod and continue to play this game until the captain of Southwest flight 1132 levels us off. Finally, I can continue listening to a sermon by Spurgeon.

So what gives? Why did the iPod keep pausing? Was Satan onboard trying to prevent me from hearing some Gospel? No, it was the cabin pressure change. Our ears aren’t the only things getting pressed in but also the touch sensitive wheel of the iPod is, too. I found this out on our flight Texas las November while also playing on my PSP. That too kept pausing. Odd how the cabin pressure knows how to press the pause button, huh?

While the slick click wheel is one neat piece of technology, it can be a problem in some situations.