(Cell Phone + DAP) + Use Together = myTalker

Got a digital audio player (DAP)? Got a cell phone with Bluetooth? Got one set of headphones? Great, then you”ve got everything you need to be on your way to answering those calls without removing your headphones while listening to your music. How? Well, you need just one more thing to add to the chain and that”s myTalker.

myTalker was introduced at Macworld and it allows you to take phone calls on your existing headphones with just a press of a button. You can also redial, voice dial, and handle call-waiting duties all from the clip-on remote that attaches between your headphone cord and your DAP. Don”t worry about figuring out how your caller will hear you, too, because Tekkeon took care of that by putting in a mic on the remote. Done! All taken care of.

Now you can work out at the club and listen to the jams while on the treadmill and not have to worry about missing a call. All very nice. I think I”ll be getting me one.