The OmniPen Pro

Many companies debuted in multi-functional styli for handhelds in the glorious days of the Vii. Nowadays, most third party styli consist of a PDA nib, a pen, and sometimes a reset tool. Torches are no longer available.

The OmniPen Pro offers a laser pointer and an LED torch in addition to a PDA nib and ballpoint pen, but sacrifices fitting into the stylus silo. Enough said! Let’s review!

Boxwave’s products ship in small envelopes. The OmniPen itself is packed into a blue box – the steel etui looks good and contains three spare batteries.

As already said, the OmniPen is huge. Here are comparison photos. The first one shows two Parker 45 pens and styli from different manufacturers (stock Vii, Palm TE2, Cross Micropen, and Brando TT3 3-in-1). The second one shows a TT3 and a E2 in a Brando case for comparison.

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