Find Your Kids With GPS

GuardianLion is device that uses GPS to locate your lost child. The service also gives the child one of three buttons to press in times of extreme need. The child can either press a button to notify the police, fire department, or paramedics. The service gives the location of the child using built-in GPS technology in a beeper-sized device. With the FBI reporting that a child goes missing every 2 minutes in the United States, this can be a piece of mind for any parent with loved ones.

With web login, you can view a satellite map and see where your child is at any given time. The monthly service comes in various allowances on how the amount of “locates” per day, but for pure safety of the child, the service is priceless.

The beeper-sized device costs $349 and is a one time fee. The service can be purchased at various monthly rates without any contract obligation.