Turning Your Feed Into A Podcast

Are you wanting to possibly cash in on some podcast traffic, but don’t have a podcast? Don’t worry, all you need is an RSS feed and you can start podcasting with Feed2Podcast.

MediaBlab has more info on the revolutionary (and free!) service.

PT over at Make tipped me off to a slick new service for turning any RSS feed into a Podcast. Basically you sign up for the service, add your text RSS feed to your account and Feed2Podcast automatically converts text entries to speech. The audio sounds a little robotic and could stand to use the AT&T Natural Voices that power TextAloud, but for free it’s an impressive use of available technology. The service processes individual RSS posts as individual audio files, making it easy to listen to as much or as little of a particular site’s content on your schedule. If you publish a Feed2Podcast feed, I recommend following the steps I suggest for avoiding feed hijacking, because anytime you give up control of your URL to a third party, you can put yourself at risk of losing subscribers over the long haul…

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