Verbatim Brings 4GB of U3

U3 is a new technology that allows users to run full applications, such as office suites, from a USB drive. No need for Windows directories or temp folders on the host computer as everything is taken care of on the drive itself. Most of the U3 drives will all come pre-loaded with programs to get you up and running.

Verbatim has joined SanDisk in the 4GB club with the release of it’s new U3 drive. Pre-loaded with McAfee’s anti-virus for U3, the drive will cost you just a little over $60 per GB. Yes, it’s costly, but as with all new things in technology, the price will come down soon.

To have the ability to run any program on any Windows2000 or XP machine is a great advantage for those going to school. Instead of purchasing a laptop or lugging your big PC to campus, you can now just put all your stuff on a U3 drive and plug into the schools lab computers. U3 is also a great resource for IT professional and their toolkits.

For a look of what’s out there for U3, take a look at the

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