Making Money With Q&A

This announcement is going out to the entire Lockergnome clan in just a matter of hours, but I wanted to make sure that Gnomies on this list (in particular) saw it – as you are the group with the most questions.

In our efforts to continually enhance our value to you, we’ve partnered with HelpShare to bring you an innovative new concept that will allow you to get faster answers to your challenging questions and gives you the ability to make money from your knowledge. Think of it as an “ebay for information” for the Lockergnome community. We have fantastic forums – but sometimes you really, really, REALLY need help – and sometimes you really, really, REALLY want to get paid for the information you share. Thus, there’s a new URL to bookmark:

How does it work? Simply visit the site and post your question, set the price you’re willing to pay for the correct answer, and go have a coffee. Experts will be alerted and answers will begin flowing in. No need to check the site, we will alert you via email. Once you get the answers, you reward them depending on your level of satisfaction. In short, askers efficiently get the solution to their question and answers get rewarded for their knowledge.

While you’re on the site, you can earn a little extra money by answering other people’s questions (click the Answer button at the top to browse) or sign up for Expert Alerts (so you get first crack at questions in the future). As a Lockergnome HelpShare member, you can be both asker and answerer using the same account. It’s fast, efficient and some even say fun!

So give it a try, ask a question, and spread the word.

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