The Linspire Talks

Not too long back I mentioned that I was going to be speaking to someone from Linspire. Well, I did and the conversation went really well. A lot of ground was covered and I felt good after we wrapped up the conversation.

While they make no claim that the Linspire OS was for everyone, they do make it pretty easy to try the OS without any commitment or even putting a dime into it, if you prefer. For instance, they recommend trying the bootable CD before buying a copy of the distro. Since it can be downloaded for free, this allows you to make sure that your hardware will not run into any compatibility snags.

Other stuff that was discussed included: updating the hardware compatibility pages on their Website, the feasibility of bluetooth support in a GUI format, and bundling specific hardware items with specific types of software that I alerted them to. One example would be software that will allow the user to have MSN Webcam conversations with their Windows brethren.

In short, I wanted them to tackle the issues that keep me from deleting my Windows partition altogether. All and all, things went well. While I have not had a chance to get back to them since our phone conversation, I do hope to keep in contact with them and perhaps even work with them to make Linspire the best OS it can be. See ya’ll next week!

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