Yahoo! Email Makes a Secure Change

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

I’m still waiting to get into the new Yahoo! Email beta, but I did notice something new when logging into Yahoo! mail yesterday. Outlined in red, actually. See the bitmap above.

Yahoo! used to let you login either securely (SSL, just as when you check out of a site like Amazon) or standardly. The default was always Standard; you had to click on the Secure link to login using SSL, which drove me nuts. You could always bookmark the secure login, but I wanted to be able to just type “” or “” or whatever other many ways you can login to Yahoo!, and login securely. And most people I knew didn’t bother clicking on the “Secure” link as it either slowed them down, or they didn’t even notice it.

Now the default is SSL.

Read More About Yahoo’s New SSL Login Here

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