Flickr tools for Linux users

Asking me whether I prefer monkeys or tips more would likely give me a brain freeze. I mean, they both rock! But since it is the TipMonkies that are showing us Linux users how to get the most from our Flickr accounts, then I guess I’ll go with tips for today…

If youíre a Linux user, you donít need to feel left out of the Flickr fun. Here are some great tools you guys may enjoy:

* Flickr Upload for GNOME Nautilus is a great little script which integrates your file browser with Flickr.
* FlickrUploadr is a simple application that lets you upload one image at a time.
* Glimmr is a full featured application which lets you upload your images, but unlike FlickrUploadr, you can do multiple images at once. [Get all of the links and more]