Kilroy: Chernobyl Farms

Your name is Kilroy, and your job is to kill mutated, bullet-resistant canines. Just thought you should know that in case you plan on playing today’s featured game. The game is, Kilroy: Chernobyl Farms, a 3D shooter from the amazing folks at

The object, in case you didn’t read the first sentence of this review, is to kill mutated, bullet-resistant canines. It’s that simple. Gameplay is fairly simple, and the bullet-resistant canines are nice enough to announce when they see you. And they really aren’t very threatening when they’re off in the distance because you can kill them before they get anywhere near you. But if you do get too close to them, they may pose a problem.

If that’s not enough challenge for you, try playing the game on the “Heroic” level of difficulty. Artistically, we think this is a beautiful looking game. We kept stopping during gameplay to just look around and admire how well the lighting and the colors come together and create a feast for the eyes. We’re very glad that the designers put a flak vest, boots, and knee-pads on the character so she wasn’t out there battling mutated, bullet-resistant canines in JUST her underwear.

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