Online News Needs A Big Change: Video And Audio Are Next

Julian Gallo, a very talented journalism professor from Argentina, has recently written an interesting article about how the trade should take full advantage of the direct publishing features of blogs as well as of the multimedia opportunities provided by the increased ease with which anyone can post audio and video clips to the web.

Julian Gallo, who also regularly writes on one of Argentina’s most popular newspapers, LANACION, exhorts today online news writers to become effective new media reporters, capable of hooking up their digital cameras, audio and video recorders and to integrate, embed and mix in their multimedia content next to text stories.

Text-only times are gone, he suggests, and there is no reason why good online journalism should not include more multimedia elements when it can.

Here, reprinted with his permission, is Julian Gallo’s original “Journalism is obsolete” article, republished in full and with all of his original multimedia components:
News Online: Static Text-Only Is Over – Video And Audio Are Next.

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