The Revolution Will Be Televised… With Open Source

Could it be that OSS will power the video on the Internet revolution? Yes, as a matter of fact it is already happening…

There has been hype growing over the idea of distributing video on the Internet in a vaguely TV-broadcast-like way. “IPTV” is the loose marketing term that’s being applied, but the concept comes in more than one form. For example, users can upload their video files to YouTube and Google Video, which will both stream the video on demand, and these sites offer this service at no cost.

Then there’s the combined method of distributing video by bittorrent and RSS: The RSS feed announces to a client program the availability of a torrent for a video file requested by the user, whereupon the client then uses bittorrent to fetch it. Some of these clients can also function as media players to play the video once it’s been fully downloaded. This is what the Participatory Culture Foundation’s pair of programs, DTV and Broadcast Machine, aim to do. [Read the rest]

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