BoxWave Palm Treo 700w FlexiSkin & FlexiSkin With Armband!

BoxWave’s newly designed FlexiSkin for Palm Treo 700w comes in your choice of two colors: Frosted Clear and Smoke Grey. This lets you customize the color of your Treo! It also has a cut-out design for the keyboard so that you can see the keys clearly and keep the same tactile feel as using the Palm Treo 700w without a case.

FlexiSkin is durable, soft to the touch, and it can stretch and flex to help cushion your Palm Treo 700w from scratches, hard knocks, and everyday wear and tear. And best of all, your Treo will still remain 100% usable while it’s protected in this low-profile case!

Check it out.

Also, check out our FlexiSkin with Armband option! It includes an adjustable, elastic armband with Velcro strip!

Both the FlexiSkin and FlexiSkin with Armband for Palm Treo 700w are enhanced with new SmoothTexture! SmoothTexture makes the FlexiSkin feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust!

Other options include: High quality, detachable belt clip, hand strap, and a lanyard. Check it out.

Source: BoxWave