Some Worry Violent Video Games Lead To Real-Life Violence

OK, once and for all: Does playing violent video games cause kids to act violently later on? Some feel this is the case while I am still not entirely convince just yet.

On Friday, Police Chief Jane Perlov unveiled a 10-point plan designed to curb gun-related crimes and take guns out of the hands of wanted criminals.

The plan called for beefing up neighborhood crime watches and aggressively pursuing gangs. Officials also pointed out gun violence in video games as a part of the problem.

Police are not saying that all video games are bad, but they are concerned about the more violent games and the fact that some children are playing them without supervision.

Violent video games are the pastime of choice for teenagers at a local mall. Kevin Riley, 19, said he can spend several hours per day in front of a computer console at Cary Towne Center’s Gamefrog Cafe. [Read the rest]

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