Walk a Mile…and Still Have a Wi-Fi Signal

imac_500mW_wifi_transceiverDude, looking to extend your wireless a bit further then a few hundred feet?  Really want to impress the entire block and dish out a free and insecure wireless signal for all to use?  What?  Forget the block, you want the neighborhood?!  Well my friend, head on over to QuickerTek cause they got a transceiver that will caress the air with broadband jumping signals for up to a mile.  Yes, ONE MILE.  Sweet, huh?  Calm down!  I haven’t even told you that it totally works for both the PC and the Mac.  They’ve even got a sweet hook up for the iMac and it’s so ready for the Tiger.  Would you stop jumping up and down?!  It’s also like $200.  Ya, two bills and you will be set, baby!

I wonder if Leo Laporte knows about this.  This is the perfect set up for his farm out there in Petaluma.

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