Owning a website is more than just having it built

OK, some of this may seem pretty obvious on the surface. However, it is the knowing how to create a site that a search engine can work with that often times get skipped over completely.

Things you need to know before building a website of any kind.

Internet business is big whether your business is solely Internet based or not. It’s also true whether you are a large corporation or a mom and pop business with a small site for local clients only. The problem is that many people only do a limited amount of research when it comes to having a website built. Sure, people take the time to find an affordable web design firm or freelancer, after all…money is important. Sometimes, but not always, the lowest bid gets the job. Most business owner take a good look at their portfolio before committing, which makes perfect sense. I have seen people pay as little as $300 for a site. Let me tell you, they got what they paid for. But aside from web development, what do you know about online business? More importantly, what do you know about running a website? [Read the rest]

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