So Where's The Money?

Working from home, I am the first to admit that I might be a fuzz out of touch with today’s job market. Regardless of this fact, I am hearing more and more that there are some really great tech jobs out there.

After doing a little research, it appears that SAP is the place to be. Why? Money – pure and simple. Understand however, that there are other areas that have also been known to yield a tidy paycheck along with the ever important job security factor:

  • Clinical Research Associate – $38.52
  • Data Manager – $45.06
  • CRM Project Manager – $62.01
  • Data Warehouse Architect – $69.03
  • Hardware/Firmware engineer – $59.34
  • NET Developer – $45.77
  • Oracle Database Administrator – $55.82
  • Project Manager – $57.07
  • SAP Functional Consultant – $75.09
  • Senior Scientist – $43.76

Now speaking for myself, the item in the list that speaks most to me would have to be CRM Project Manager. After all, I have opted out of 99% of my repair business in exchange for community development projects in both my neck of the woods in addition to offering my services as a consultant in this field. The pay may be about the same, but the time spent working is a lot more rewarding in the long haul.

Now for the question that is likely going to end up flooding my inbox: How do you become a consultant? Well I have some books to recommend, but before I give you the list I am going to explain what the number one ingredient is for this type of work – passion. Knowledge is most certainly important to be an effective consultant. However if your heart is not in the project that you have been assigned to, it will show. So before you even bother pondering such an idea, you really need to spend some time making sure that you have a burning passion for the business in which you are considering pursuit in.

Alright, enough of the lecturing. Here’s that list of reading material:
(Keep in mind some of these books may not appear to apply to what you have in mind. Regardless, there is a lot to learn from them, so you better get started!)

Tomorrow, the spam flood and what you can do about it!

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