Bookit: The Next Revolution In Bookmark Management

Here’s a product that I’ve been looking for ever since Firefox started spending more time as my browser of choice. Here’s the situation: more and more of your time is spent online and you often find yourself working between various Macs – all the while casually adding new bookmarks for things you want to use again in the future. You may even use more modern bookmark managing services like (although you might run to the issue of not wanting to make ALL of your bookmarks available online).

But almost inevitably, you will be searching through your bookmarks trying to find that really important site that you recently added but find yourself unable to locate it because you likely added it while you were on a different computer.

I tend to alternate between my 17″ Powerbook and my G5 Dual PowerMac and this seems to happen to me all the time. When I was exclusively using Safari, I took advantage of the bookmark syncing capabilities of .Mac but since adding Firefox to the mix, that solution no longer solves the problem. There are a couple of Firefox specific plugins that claim to meet the need as well, some offering considerable flexibility (using .Mac, WebDav, FTP, etc.) – but they don’t seem to be all that reliable. Today I was re-introduced to Bookit.

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