The Premier Launchpad for Emerging Technologies

You know David? Yeah, his company is responsible for making sure you get Lockergnome’s email newsletters on a regular basis. We’ve been happily using WhatCounts for a few years now, but today marks the first day that David has contributed to our humble publication! You may have noticed the “DEMO 2006” entries in our Tech News Watch channel – those were penned by the Geller-man himself:

Like a rock concert for the digirati, Chris Shipley’s DEMO conference begins its 16th year in Phoenix, AZ today. In the 700-strong audience are the elite from the VC community, pundits from the tech rags and 60 or so hopeful startups eager to have their wares and inventions noticed. The one week that the rain finally breaks in Seattle I find myself in Phoenix, Arizona. Beautiful, sunny weather has greeted visitors to DEMO 2006. I’ll be on hand for the next two days writing about the new companies that have come here to showcase their inventions, Web 2.0 creations and sweet, sweet ice cream makers. That’s right. Among all the Ajax-enabled, dot-com fangled goodies there’s one product I’m especially waiting to see demonstrated. It’s…

I was very happy that David offered to do this for us (despite our slow-moving CMS). Since DEMO is the “The Premier Launchpad for Emerging Technologies,” I guess that makes Gnomedex “The Other White Meat?” Nah, I think pork has a corner on that slogan. I’ve gotta come up with something just as catchy, though. “Where Those Launched Companies Land?” No, that sounds too corporate. I’ll keep working on it. Meanwhile, please enjoy David’s DEMO thoughts!

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