Increase Definition In Digital Images

Traditional photographers have long learned that making great photographs is a matter of luck when you have no time, are pressed to capture a flimsical moment and have an automatic camera that doesn’t allow you any control on how the image that needs to be captured.

It may happen that some image details will be lost due to unevenness of exposure, excessive shadows may compromise a face legibility, or that a full scenery is wiped out by unneeded overexposure.

Merely manipulating the brightness and contrast of the whole frame with photo editing software can sometimes improve the problem in some portions of a photo, but might then spoil other areas of it that need different treatment. In Photoshop, if you try to reveal details in highlighted or overshadowed areas using exposure correction (for example, Levels) you run the risk of spoiling the parts of the image that you want to leave unchanged.

So, without needing to become a Photoshop geek, how can you improve and optimize digital images when only portions of an image need a certain improvement while others require different types of adjustments?

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