Super Bowl Letdown

I’ve gotta admit… this year’s Super Bowl was a bit of a disappointment for me. Oh sure, it was a real football game into the fourth quarter, but I didn’t have the good fortune of watching the game on a large screen plasma television. And yeah, there were lots of tasty snacks around, but the most important aspect of the whole event? What a massive letdown…

I’m talking about the commercials.

Not one single commercial stuck out as being undeniably great.

The Anheuser-Busch ads were of predictably high quality, but not one was truly memorable. For me, at least. Was it CareerBuilder that used the monkeys in their ad? I’m usually a pushover for monkeys in commercials, but that one was instantaneously forgettable.

Even Go Daddy’s ad was lackluster. How far have we fallen? How could the creative forces behind the big daddy of cheap domain name registration be so stifled by the censors?

The Rolling Stones’ half-time performance, on the other hand, was remarkably full of life, never mind the bleeps.

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