TDG claim Symbian will be behind Linux and Microsoft by 2010

I never really doubted that Symbian would be losing its market share. But to Linux? Bet you did not see that one coming!

TDG Research in this report claim that Symbian will lose market share over the next four years so that 2010 it will be behind both Microsoft (29%) and Linux (25%) with just a 22% market share. While the future is not yet written this particular prediction seems to be a little unlikely. TDG’s figures for current market share are also seem mistaken. Read on for more.

TDG are also claiming current market share as Symbian (51%), Microsoft (17%), and Linux (24%). We know Symbian shipped roughly 33 million phones last year, but if the market shares number really are what TDG claims we would like to know where the 15 million Linux smartphones or the 10 million Windows Mobile smartphones are hiding. Bill Gates recently said Microsoft powered smartphones sales amounted to roughly 3.5 million. Linux smartphone have not yet made any significant impact with (and this is being generous with the definition) around 1 million shipped last year. Have a look at the Canalys figures for Q3 2005 to confirm this. [Read the rest]

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