Football Play Designer 2007

Discover what all of our users already know — Football Play Designer v5.0 – 2007 Edition offers the most affordable way to achieve results for your football team. If you are a full time coach looking to process plays on a computer and share them with your team, or a recreational player that wants to get an edge on the competition, don’t waste your time with products that cost a fortune and take a year to learn.

This release builds on the features of the previous version and allows you to create more complete plays for your team in a more efficient way! Our latest version contains major enhancements such as video capture.

Play Creation:

  • Create Unlimited Offensive Plays
  • Create Unlimited Defensive Sets
  • Put Defense & Offense Together and On Either Side of the Field
  • Simulate & Animate Game Play
  • Choose from Over 24 Positions – Offensive / Defensive / Special Teams
  • Offensive Positions Include: WR/RB/QB/OL/TE/G/T/C/HB/FB/TB
  • Defensive Positions DL/D/OLB/ILB/MLB/FS/SS/CB/X/O
  • Special Team Positions K/P/RET
  • Standard Playbook Shapes (Circle, Half-Filled, Diamond, Square)
  • Referee Positions
  • Create Motion Routes
  • Simulates Handoffs and Passes
  • Quick Set – Quickly Add Set for 1 to 24 Players
  • Label Player Positions
  • Draw Different Color Lines for Coaching Representations
  • Dynamic Font Size Increase / Decrease
  • Generic Players Added (Xs and Os for Quick Play Creation)
  • Graphic User Modification (Smaller Graphics for Your Customization
  • Passing Line Dynamically Shown to Help Diagram Your Plays
  • Ability to Animate Play and View On-Screen
  • Flip Entire Plays for Easy Reverse Play Construction
  • Flip Individual Players for Easy Reverse Route Construction
  • Utilize Formation from Previously Saves Play w/o reDraw

Software Functionality:

  • Save Plays
  • Print Plays
  • Create Playbooks with the PDF Add-On (details)
  • Create Web Playbooks with the Web Add-On (details)
  • Save Picture Files & Utilize in Your Custom Playbooks
  • Describe Player Role and View On-Screen
  • Open More than One Window at a Time
  • Optional Crowd Noise at the End of the Play! – That’s fun!
  • Play Description & Scouting Notes
  • Open Play as Template
  • Change Route Colors
  • Create Passing Trees and Gap Diagrams

Coaching Features:

  • Multiple Screen Option for Viewing / Comparing Plays On-Screen
  • Add Your Own Position Names to the Plays for Younger Children

Playbook Functionality :

  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to PDF (’06 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to Web-Ready Page (’07 or greater)

Buy ’07 and get ’08 for FREE when it is released!

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