Cool Clips Of The Week

The many faces of American technological prowess are featured in today’s Cool Clips Of The Week.

The Spirit Mars Exploration Rover on the flank of Husband Hill. This clip was produced using “Virtual Presence in Space” technology, developed at JPL, which combines visualization and image-processing tools with Hollywood-style special effects, allowing you to look back at the rover.

American helicopters, near Mosul, hitting a target being painted with a hand held laser by ground troops. The first shots are the 20mm cannon, with tracer rounds. Next is 30mm cannon without tracers. Finally come 2.75 inch rockets.

Here’s a smaller version of the same clip, and if you need to see other battle clips, you’ll find them at

A flashback to 1996 Hubble: the magnetic field of a pulsar sweeping through plasma, like ripples on a pond.

After those, I don’t know what to say except “what a world.”

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