Apple Can Send Your Mail At 670,000,000 MPH

There’s nothing more that I love than history.  I’m not a particular genre person, just history in general.  I love looking at pictures of San Jose before it was the heart of Silicon Valley and seeing the miles and miles of plum orchards where the house that I grew up in stands.  I also dig looking at old magazine advertisements.

Case in point, this fine ad of the Apple III.  Here it touts how you don’t have to send that fangled postal mail anymore.  Nope, there’s a new post office in operation and it’s open 24 hours a day.  Yes indeed, electronic mail is here folks and all you have to do is hook up your Apple III to a phone to make it happen. 

“So, instead of paying an overnight service nine dollars to rush a four-page report from Winnemucca to Wanamassa, you can have it send electronically – anytime during the night – for less than 40 cents.”

Wow, what a deal – and while Iím asleep, to boot! Yes, I love history and I love my Apple history even more.

[Via The Mothership!]

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