Robin Good’s New Media Picks of the Week: n.39

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools. In it you find the best new media tools and picks I discover weekly during my daily research and explorations. The picnic gems I select are all tools and services that while small or still in Beta stage deserve definitely more attention and exposure.

This week too I have a great list of new media gems that can enable, augment, enhance anyone’s ability to inform oneself and to communicate more effectively with others in many new and innovative ways.

Here is what I have found:

  1. Personal media aggregator and community networking tool
  2. Cross-platform screen-sharing and remote control – free
  3. Comment and conversations tracker
  4. Online free image editor and uploader – optional customizable and brandable version
  5. Mobile phone automatic image tagger and Flickr uploader
  6. Delicious tags search engine gives insight into best taggers too
  7. Online resource about collaboration, sharing economy and cooperation
  8. iTunes-based hosted service for academic podcasting
  9. Clearinghouse for best freeware, shareware and open-source software
  10. Flash-based animated interactive typography experiments

Here are the details:
New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 39