RSS For PR: Newsmastering, Newsradars, & Personal Media Aggregators

The topics of newsmastering, newsradars and of integrating personal media aggregators into instruments of personal publishing, conversation or even political discourse have yet to be fully picked up by those people who could best benefit from them, though interesting things are already starting to happen all around them.

So, I have finally decided to publish this interview that I gave to Sally a few months ago, as the topics and issues discussed within it are still very relevant and new to most.

RSS and its potential applications have still a long way to go, and trying to understand the what, where and how this technology can be put to best use in many different fields is what part of my work is all about. Exploration.

If you have been wondering how RSS could be of use and benefit to PR work, this good audio conversation (38′ minutes) with Sally Falkow, renowned PR and branding expert, should shed some new light on these interesting issues.

Here is a full .mp3 download (7 MB) as well as a streamable audio version which you can start listening to immediately. The full text transcript follows right after.

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What Public Relations Professionals Could Do With RSS: Newsmastering, Newsradars And Personal Media Aggregators