Anger management in video games

This post below really makes you think: Could it be a useful ‘release’ to play violent games in lieu of hurting people in real life? definitely food for thought…

I work as a graphic designer at a screen printing company. We also do the custom logos and so on. Mostly vector based art.
I have a customer who is dumber than dirt and demands actions to be made on the spot( “client is waiting”). She does not understand anything in my end of the business transaction. She drives me and others nuts. If she gets one of us on the phone, she will over-extend the conversation that usually takes a minute into 5 minutes or longer, wasting your time. Also the assignment are notably more difficult and time consuming because she pulls art off the internet and wants it exact. All for 15-20 shirts at a time, under our minimum. As opposed to my other customers, they trust my judgment and talent, easy sailing. [Read the rest]

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