Google reveals Search subpoena

Oddly enough, the past week has been abuzz here locally with folks talking about Google’s decision to work with China. Regardless of them being right or wrong, they have most certainly damaged their image in a very real sort of way.

p2p news / p2pnet: In a marked and telling contrast between its actions in China, where it’s actively helping the totalitarian government with its censorship campaign, and others in America, where it’s refusing to allow the Bush regime access to its search logs, Google has published its response to the US demands.

Equally telling is the fact the document not only, “suggests that the government request is unnecessary,” but that it would also, “damage Google’s business,” says PC Pro, going on, “As far as principles go, Google has severely damaged its reputation for the moral high ground with the agreement to censor its search results in China, in order to get a foothold in the lucrative emerging market. [Read the rest]

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