Is the Acer F20 the Ferrari of LCD Monitors?

The fact is that Acer makes a fine LCD. Even mine, has never failed me once – even with all of the abuse it tolerates. But we now have wonder if Acer’s success has finally gone to their head since this model sports the Ferrari label Ferrari label. Are they going to start making cars next?

We recently tested the latest Acer notebook bearing the Ferrari label. Now it’s time for LCD monitors to don the mythical red livery of the Italian marque. And Acer has done up this first LCD display with style. No question of choosing a slow 17-inch panel for a redesign under such prestigious auspices… So the manufacturer looked in their catalogue and found a 20-inch movie-format panel with an optical filter, remote control, TV tuner, and sound to befit it all. At first glance, it’s awfully handsome. But in addition to great looks, the F20 claims to have the stuff where it really counts – under the hood. Let’s see about that right now… [Read the rest]

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