Google License To Operate In China Questioned; Will Disclosure Have To Go?

Rejected!! Yup, looks like our friends at Google are getting the boot from China after all. Will they be back up and running again? Of course! They have too much invested not to.

“Google has no license for China service: newspaper” from Reuters covers new questions on whether Google is able to operate legally in China. That seems absurd given the worldwide coverage of Google bending to the Chinese government’s censorship demands last month. The fracas also raises questions on whether Google will find that it can no longer even disclose that censorship is happening, something that is the company’s best defense against critics that say it shouldn’t filter results.

The Reuters article covers a Beijing News report saying that Google doesn’t have an Internet Content Provider license needed to operate in China. Google says it uses the ICP license of a local company, which Google says is common practice. It also says the ICP number is listed at the bottom of its search results on Google China. [Read the rest]

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