Asus dreams up modular PC of the future

Modular PC? Sounds futuristic, does it not? Well, if it is, then the future must be now. Wait, forget it. Yup, Asus has shelved the whole concept after all…

Asus has shelved plans to develop the PC of the future – literally. The Taiwanese vendor’s Green PC concept computer, shown to Reg Hardware this week, is just that: a shelf. And some clever wireless connectivity and non-contact inductive power source.

Asus’ design breaks the computer down into a series of interchangeable modules. It imagines the machine’s hard drives, optical units, memory, processor, graphics engine, network interface, Wireless USB adaptor and so on, shipping as a mix of square full-size boxes and half-size units. To build a Green PC, you just stack as many of these as you need on the shelf-like base unit. [Read the rest]

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