Over and over again I have told you how you can add things to the external side of the Firefox browser. Adding buttons and forms, you can make Firefox pretty big as far as the visual layout goes. What if I told you I had a way to make the Firefox interface more simple?

The Fission Firefox extension combines your address bar with your Web page loading bar. Here is what the developer has to say about it.

Fission combines address bar and progress bar, making the progress bar more visible and allowing for a nice visual effect. Please visit this extension’s homepage for information about how to modify the progress bar’s appearance and how to make it look good for the theme(s) you use.

This is a great idea and hopefully as more time goes by it will only get better. There is one problem with the extension. Some themes might have a problem with this extension. Hopefully over time, this problem will be resolved.

This Firefox extension is for versions 1.1 and up of the browser. Want to try it out for yourself? You can go download it at Mozilla Update or at the author’s extension Web site.