Ninja Burger

I was kind of hungry tonight when I was searching for a site, so this might be the reason for the subject I selected. Owning your own business is somewhat of an American dream. There are many different types of businesses that can be owned by one or two people. But it is a dog eat dog capitalist world out there, and in order to succeed, one must have a hook to make theirs stand out. Today’s site has a hook that is quite unique.

Ninja Burger was founded in 1954, and soon became the world’s predominant underground ninja-run fast food delivery service. We would be happy to tell you more about the company, but since we’re ninja, we would then have to kill you. The Ninja Burger Web site was developed in 1999 by the honorable Kenshiro Aette-san and Miyoko Aenomi-san in the traditions of their honorable ancestors. Their solemn mission: to defend the downtrodden, fight for the honor of Ninja Burger, and to deliver hot and fresh food to Ninja Burger’s customers. Somewhere along the line it all went horribly wrong.

Ninja Burger is devoted to customer service, quality food, and quick delivery. We hope you will enjoy ordering from us. Because if you are not happy, then we will have to discuss with you why you are not happy. And then you will probably not be happy either. If you catch our drift. We wish all the time to be able to provide you hot fresh delivery and to propose to you a joy of eating burger life. Let’s enjoy the burger with a smooth fries of our ancestors. You will be sure you will be satisfied. Ninja Burger bring happy life, healthy life. Guaranteed, or we commit seppuku. As masters of the ancient art of Fast Food Delivery, we guarantee that all our customers are happy. In fact, there is no such thing as an unhappy customer. We mean that. If you are unhappy, we will be happy to send a ninja deliveryperson to speak with you about what is making you unhappy. And then you will be happy. Or else you will not be. Alive, that is.

After you spend some time on this site, you will realize, as I did, that it is all tongue-in-cheek. It is very funny, and quite original in concept. For that alone, the Warp-o-Meter gives this site an 8.5 rating.

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