Now You Can Be Singing in the Rain on Your Bluetooth Headset

When it rains and I am out-and-about with my Bluetooth headset (BTh) on, I worry that it will become ruined by the water if I leave it in my ear. So, instead of looking like a hoodlum and putting up my over sized rain hood from my Steelers jacket, I just remove the headset. But sometimes, you just don’t have that option and you just take the chance that you may short out your $100 BTh.

Now there’s a new kid in town and he’s water-resistant. To boot, he’ll give you three weeks of stand-by, too. The cool looking blue outer shell is just the icing on the cake, my friend. Bluetrek‘s X2 headset users Bluetooth 1.2 technology and some good seals around the buttons to insure that active users can talk on their phone, be it rain or shine. Going for about $100, this may become a very popular BTh for bikers, joggers, and dare-devil swimmers. 🙂