Epox EP-9GF6100MJ Review

Look, sometimes AMD fans do not have a bundle of cash to blow on a new MoBo. In situations like this, perhaps a new board like the Epox EP-9GF6100MJ would make sense?

Some of you may remember that We reviewed one of the NVIDIA latest GPU motherboard solutions a few weeks ago; GeForce6150 with nForce430. Today we have another solution for you, the motherboard is from Epox and it called the EP-9GF6100MJ which is using combination of GeForce6100 and nForce430. Although it will not better its brother that we just reviewed but it is still better than other NVIDIA GPU motherboard solutions; GeForce6100 with nForce410. Therefore, GeForce6100 with nForce430 should give a performance that is in between both of the other NVIDIA latest GPU motherboard solutions. Source: PC Modding Malaysia

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