Protectster v4.0

Protectster is more than just parental control software. Protectster allows you, the parent or guardian, to pre-specify which Web sites can be accessed, and to associate each approved Web site with an image of your choice.

All other Web sites are off limits!

In Edit Mode, which is password protected, you have the ability to add, remove, and modify the approved Web sites and associated images. The images can be imported from your computer, or simply imported from any Web page within the Protectster browser! In Protected Mode, the child can then scroll through each image until he or she finds one of interest or one which is familiar, clicks on the image, and the associated Web site loads before their eyes!

Protectster also password protects Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Task Manager, and Control Panel. The password created during installation is required to access these system functions. This prevents children (and other users) from accessing secure areas of a computer as well as browsing the Internet outside of Protectster.

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