Q&A: Hewlett-Packard’s Linux Chief

Every wonder what goes through the mind of the Linux Chief for HP? Well then, here’s your chance to find out!

CRN Senior Writer Paula Rooney met with Christine Martino, vice president Hewlett Packard’s Open Source and Linux Organization, at the company’s Marlborough, Mass., Linux Expertise Center to discuss HP’s open source efforts. Here are excerpts.

CRN: What is your experience with Linux?

Martino: I’ve been at HP for a long time and have run other small businesses at HP, including the carrier-grade organization, where I worked a lot with Martin Fink, the father of Linux and open source at HP who drove that effort for six years.

CRN: So you are succeeding Fink?

Martino: Last spring, Martin took over HP’s Non-Stop business and was doing both. In the fall, he decided he would hire a vice president to have 100 percent attention on Linux and open source. I started as the vice president in November. Source: InformationWeek

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