MacBook Pros Are Shipping But Where Are They?

Apple announced nearly two weeks ago that the MacBook Pros were shipping “this week”. We’ve all seen the un-boxing ceremonies here and there but the real question is, “Where are the MacBook Pros?”

SvenOnTech called nearly every Apple Store in the Bay Area from San Jose to San Francisco to the East Bay and even Sacramento. Not a single store had any in stock. When asked how many have been received in the last two weeks, the common response was, “about five.” Stores, such as the Stoneridge Mall in the East Bay, took the first three and immediately put them on the show room floor. More then half of it’s precious stock swiped from the hands of prospective buyers.

Just how many units is Apple truly shipping? The number looks to be more like in the hundreds then the thousands as most would suspect. Online retailers have yet to ship any (Amazon has not received any in stock yet, for example,) of the highly anticipated notebook. Since Apple never reveals any figures, unless it’s in its favor, it is too difficult to say how many — or little — of the new Intel notebooks are really being shipped.

If Apple does not ramp up the availability of its new notebook soon, this could be a bad thing for Apple. While iMacs sold slowly, the PowerBook upgrade is in high demand…for now. But keep the masses waiting and they’ll go onto other hardware which would mean Windows machines. Apple needs to stop having fun and blasting tunes from it’s iPod Hi-Fi and get back to work!

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