Each of us has our own brain, and along with that comes our own set of beliefs. What you believe is heavily influenced by your upbringing and the surroundings that you’ve been acclimated to. Numerous wars have begun over various nations having different beliefs, and right down to this day, people are still divided by their beliefs, and this has led to countless problems. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to research what people believe in, and you’ll probably be surprised by the results of your study. The Internet has made it simple for anyone to stand on their own personal soapbox and tell the world what they think, but instead of doing this in a chaotic, uncoordinated manner, go ahead and bond together with others like-minded individuals by using Standpoint.

This site allows you to share your beliefs and then build your case for why you believe in what you do. From there, you can browse through other people’s beliefs and then add the ones that you agree with to your list. If you disagree, then you can make that known, too. It’s easy to think that this site would mainly focus on religion, but that’s not really the case. A wide variety of topics are covered, and some of them are quite funny, such as the belief several people have agreed with that you should not go hunting with Dick Cheney. Hear, hear – I totally agree with that!

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