New Wiki Website Allows Users to Ask and Answer Questions with Ease

Some people might argue that there is simply no need for a Q & A wiki. I on the other hand, would disagree. Since most message boards are little more than ‘databased’ chaos, I believe that taking the ability to help others to a wiki format is a long time overdue.

Internet media and marketing firm, Sandberg Ventures, announced the launch of their newest website,, today. The website is designed to be a user-generated question-and-answer portal, where visitors can find answers to specific questions and share their knowledge freely.

Users of can find the answer to a question by searching or browsing for previously answered questions, or they may post their question to a list of questions that can be answered by any other visitor. If a visitor finds that he knows the answer to a question that has not yet been answered he can create the answer. Visitors are also encouraged to edit answers to questions where they believe that they can add additional insight and clarity. Source: PR Web

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