Howard Stringer Officially Confirms Nothing About Sony PS3 Launch

Boo Sony, boo! Come on, for cripes sake. After all of this time you must have some news to share? Nope, Sony still refuses to share anything with regard to a launch date on the PS3. Could the whole thing end up being bunk? I am beginning to think so…

Contrary to some reports, Sony big wig Howard Stringer does not confirm ps3 launch date

In an interview with Variety magazine, Sony boss Howard Stringer has confirmed the release date of the PS3 or least according to some interpretations.

Many websites are translating the statement from the magazines writer – “Sony will roll out the PS3 by year end, in time for the holidays.” – and taking the quote as actual confirmation for a release date.

However, Stringer never actually said that. What he said was that the PS3 “delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up.” Pretty bold statement to say the least, but not likely enough to scare Nintendo and Microsoft off just yet. Source: PS3 News

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