One Small Step For Microsoft, One Oops For Google

Pay no attention to the stock analysts behind the curtain! Michael Liedtke of the AP (via BusinessWeek) writes:

Google Inc. on Tuesday advised investors to disregard an internal financial forecast mistakenly posted on its Web site – a mix up that included a reference to management’s concerns about the online search engine leader’s profits narrowing amid tougher competition.

The material, including a projection that Google’s revenue will rise by about 55 percent this year to $9.5 billion, surfaced on the Internet briefly last week when the company welcomed stock market analysts for a management presentation at its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing

In the meantime, Microsoft’s efforts to compete against Google and Yahoo! have resulted in a recent revamping of its search engine. Elizabeth M. Gillespie of the AP (via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) reports:

In its latest bid to catch up with rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. is launching a revamped Internet search engine it says will help computer users find information faster, view it more easily and organize it better.

Debuting in test form Wednesday, Windows Live Search is Microsoft’s latest move in a major strategy shift that has the world’s largest software company focusing more heavily on Internet-based software and services.

The goal of the shift, which includes initiatives dubbed Windows Live and Office Live, is to create online products to complement its main cash cows: the Windows operating system and Office business software

Will the search engine landscape be significantly different a year from now as the result of any of this? It’s a bit too early to make any realistic predictions, but it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for us as only time will tell.