Know Where Johnny is with iKids

SvenOnTech has reported previously about tracking devices that help parents know where their precious cargo, their children, are at all time. A new more advanced technology called iKids is now helping parents have up-to-the-second information of where their children.

Equipped with GPS and SMS technology, the iKids device, which looks more like a Motorola walkie-talkie then a parental spying agent, will inform parents where children are and give immediate SMS messaging to a phone or e-mail to a computer if the child exists a prescribed “safe zone”. With no capability of making actual phone calls or sending custom messages, children won’t be tempted to use the iKids for any other reason than to just help mom and dad know where they are.

At about $300 for the gadget and then another $28 per month for the service, parents have an option at keeping their minds at ease while gone at work.

[Via and PC Authority]

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