Understanding SEO is one thing, but making it happen in an Ajax world is a whole different ballgame. Is it even possible to make SEO a reality in cases like this? Read on to find out…

AJAX…sometimes I think if I hear this word one more time I’m going to puke. The reality is…AJAX is here…as interactive marketers we need to be prepared. Its apparent that search engine technology has not stepped up to accommodate dynamic technologies – big surprise, they’ve never been able to accommodate Java.

The question I pose is thus – using AJAX what are the search engine best practices? The old standards just don’t seem to apply here. I have some personal thoughts I will be detailing, but would love to solicit advice from visitors and compile a post that encompasses AJAX SEO best practices. Search engines drive the Web, one way or another we’ll all need to accommodate to algorithmic search. Source:

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